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Renewal of Vows Sawakuy

  • CASA DEL SOL-259
  • CASA DEL SOL-268
  • CASA DEL SOL-326
  • CASA DEL SOL-269
  • CASA DEL SOL-327

An Andean priest evokes the sacred deities: The Apus (Mountain Spirits) representing the male side and offer them protection and Pachamama (Mother Earth) representing the woman and that provide happiness.


The ceremony will take place outside Machu Picchu Pueblo. Begins around 9:30 am and last about three hours. It is performed Purification Ceremony, Blooming, followed by the Ceremony of the Four Elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. the ritual of offering is also performed at the PACHA MAMA.

Activities that complement the ritual:

RING CHRACUY (Sunset Rings)
SUCHI TIYRAY (Gift Exchange)
T'INKAY (Toast of Honor)
It includes:

  • Welcome drinks.
  • Petit fours in the room.
  • Massage in our SPA Qintu.
  • Private Vow Renewal Ceremony.
  • Romantic dinner.
  • Bottle of cava.

* Rates and room types are subject to availability.

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