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Our ancestors restored energies with healing elements from the Pachamama, one of them was water.The water element took center stage in the therapies of the Incas, where their bodies and souls were unified.

Following the ancestral techniques, Kíntu Spa offers a multi-sensory experience, relaxing and restoring the guest, while enjoying the panoramic view of the Vilcanota River.Channeling the energies of healing elements.
After an intense day, visiting the sanctuary of Machu Picchu or doing some of the activities proposed in the area, we recommend taking a break and meditate on our tours, while relaxing with the properties of hot water.

Millenary inputs:
Meet and meditate with the millennial ingredients that come from the Inca culture (coca leaves, quinoa and sacha inchi).Creams and balms based on these components will ensure wellness and balance during your journey in Machu Picchu.

Restore energy at K'intu Spa and continue with your journey:
Surround yourself with fragrances, sounds and relaxing colors in the Spa.Moving to the depths of the Pachamama, to the Incan cosmovision.Where you will feel like a descendant of the Inca dynasty.
Increase the flow of energy to your body and continue with your journey.So you can resume your adventure with the same strength and expectations that led you to know Machu Picchu.Leaving behind the fatigue and anxiety of not developing all the activities of the tour.

Strengthen your relationship:
Enjoy the experience with your partner and strengthen the relationship leaving aside the monotony and tensions that may exist in the love environment.Indulge yourself and share time for both in our Spa.

Relieves muscle aches:
Not being accustomed to the altitude conditions in Machu Picchu and the region of Cusco, it is possible that you tire easily and end the day with low energy.It is also possible that you come with some discomfort you have before starting your vacation.Discover the effects of water that will help you relax and tone your muscles.Preparing for your next destination.

In.Casadelsolhotels.Com / k-intu-spa / k-intu-spa.Htm "> K'intu Spa you will experience the secrets of relaxation in the incanato.Your mind, body and spirit will be completely renewed.