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Altura en Machu Picchu1

Height at Machu Picchu

  • Altura en Machu Picchu1

You'll be at 3082 meters above sea level, follow these tips to avoid suffering the effects of altitude or "mountain sickness" is said locally:

Come light the day before, we know that sounds unfair because surely one of your Principa

their motivations for visiting Peru is its cuisine, but it is only the day before Machu Picchu, when you return to visit the citadel can collect the rematch. By slight, I mean food is not as spicy or heavy, but if we recommend a diet with carbohydrates or sugar so that your body gets the energy it needs.

Tip: prefer to eat a dish containing Andean grains.

Practice walk so you get used to the altitude.

The sacred coca leaf does not carry that name for free, surely you too, like the Incas, the so call when you consume. Will save him from altitude sickness.

Remember that the best medicine is time as the days go past your body will get used.