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How is our Payment to the Earth ritual done?

Is well known that, in the past, the inca village professed great devotion for the most simple things of the nature: the sun, the moon, the mountains, the earth, etc. Even though, there are many people who doesn’t get this behavior; but, we can always try to understand.

Let’s imagine that we are human beings without a single knowledge about satellites or cars, lamps, video games… The only thing that’s left is nurturing our minds with the mysteries that our environment keeps. That been said, is highly probable that we can be amazed by the simple change from sun to rain, from cold to heat, from seed to fruit.

Is then when we really discover the power and wisdom of the nature.

That tremendous capacity is what motivated the Incas to create a ritual known as Payment to the Earth. Our Pachamama (Mother Nature in quechua) is responsible for giving us life, in form of food as much as the weather to survive in this planet.

For that reason, Casa del Sol offers its guest the opportunity to be part of a millenary tradition. The one that, as time goes by, remains and continues to be part of the culture of the country.

How is a Payment to the Earth done?

The Payment to the Earth is basically about feeding it. About giving back everything that it has gave to us. That’s why we are meant to make gifts, such as coca leaves, diverse cereal seed, chichi or wine, and even animal fat and unaltered silver.

In the middle of this ceremony, as we balance our spiritual world with the material one we live in, we calm the hunger and thirst of our land. After that, she’ll be able to give us the blessings we wish in the bottom of our hearts.

Through this gifts, we can recall our most secret dreams and discover that the power of our Pachamama lives inside each one of us. For two beautiful hours, we could be part of one of the main traditions in Peru in order to experience Cusco from a different perspective.

Are you ready to live this experience in Casa del Sol?

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