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Be part of the magic, be part of Machu Picchu

There are only a few places in the world where you can feel that mystical vibe that nature has saved through the years for you. Places where you can reconnect with your roots, with the ancient people of this world and truly be one with the beauty of the landscape.

Luckily, for you to feel, for you to breathe and for you to live the most amazing adventure of your life, Casa del Sol waits for you to experience the extraordinary.

Wouldn’t you like to discover how, something that you thought was a simple trip, can completely change your life? Here, we’ll tell you some things you’ll be able to enjoy in the land of the Incas:

  1. Touch the sky. Believe us: there’s nothing like getting to the top and feel like you touch the sky with your fingers. Observe the majestic spectacle that only the Cuzco sky can offer and fill your lungs with the purest air while you enjoy the view.
  2. Talk with the Mother Nature. One of the most spectacular things of visiting Machu Picchu is that you can forget completely about the city and the noise, to feel the warm of the nature in your body. Feel how the breeze hugs you and dare to feel the land beneath your feet.
  3. Follow the Inca footsteps. Many years ago, the Incas made roads to walk around their lands for the most impressive trails. Would you like to walk them? In Cuzco, you’ll have the opportunity to get to Machu Picchu like a real settler of the ancient years. You just need a lot of the enthusiasm!
  4. Visit unbelievable landscapes. Around Machu Picchu, the most incredible places are hiding. Really near from it, there’s the Humantay Lake, with stunning pure water with amazing colors. But if you’re more like a sky person, you’ll have the chance to visit the Mirador de Cóndores in Chonta, a wonder in the heights that you can’t miss out.
  5. Embrace a new culture. It’s amazing how, over time, the traditions have remained untouched, staying true to the legacy of the Inca culture. Their dances, their traditional gastronomy, their clothing and all those details that keep a long history inside. Don’t forget their flora and fauna! Two aspects que amaze the world, which you’ll have the pleasure to know.

If there’s something you need to know in this life is that, today and always, you have the chance to know the real magic. It’s time for you to live everything you ever dream of. Be part of the adventure! Visit us in Casa del Sol and let us experience Machu Picchu with you.

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