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Machu Picchu Tourism

If you are here is because beam "googled" Machu Picchu, you've seen the number of similar images that appear as a result of your search, the iconic frontal photo of the citadel, which, incidentally, is a beautiful picture, but ... are you sure want to live the same experience as all live? If you are a born traveler probably the answer is a "no."

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Your stay can bring non - traditional experiences:

Mystical tourism: sacred rituals of thanks to the natural deities: sun and earth.ancestral customs such as payment ceremony to land are addressed in these times by Andean scholars.

Adventure tourism: if you love feel like your heartbeat speed up, then you're in the right place: hiking, boating, stairways and other activities await you in Cuzco.Check what is the ideal season for the sport you prefer.

Experiential Tourism: get into the skin of the inhabitants of the city you visit is an experience worth living.This type of tourism invites to live with a local family receiving to teach their customs and habits.

Not all travelers must be strictly of a single type, now that you know that there are other sightseeing options, you can make your trip a combination of these three.