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K’intu Spa

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This sanctuary of relaxation is surrounded by a wealth of natural and cultural elements filling our bodies, soul and spirit with energy and serenity. Our body therapies, reflexology, aromatherapy and exclusive body and facial treatments combine the mystical with Andean wisdom, using products and ingredients used by our Inca ancestors , such as coca leaves, quinoa , corn , Sacha Inchi , etc. promising our visitors with balance and a sensual and spiritual experience in their five senses.

  • Hydrotherapy pool with panoramic view (up to 8 -10 people).
  • Dry sauna.
  • Steam sauna.
  • Spanish showers.
  • Massage room.
  • Body Treatment Room with panoramic views
  • Male restrooms.
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  • Spa9

Treatments and services

  • Jacuzzi hydrotherapy with panoramic view
  • Spanish showers
  • Body treatment room with panoramic view.
  • Swedish massages
  • aromatherapy facials
  • Legs and feet treatments
  • reflexology
  • Shiatsu

Terapias ancestrales

  • Exfoliación de hoja coca
  • Masajes con piedras incas
  • Purificación en Machu Picchu