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Essentials for your trip to Cusco

Packing and going to a new adventure never stops being a messy situation. Let’s face it: you can’t help it. We are human beings and we’re predisposed to forget things, important events and what’s worst: forget our basic essentials to our trip to Cusco!

That’s why, this time, we’re going to make a list for you to have everything you need on your adventure to the mystic land of the Incas; so you just focus on enjoy the journey.

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Make sure you have your passport, ID’s, student’s cards, credit cards, etc. All this items are going to be fundamental on your trip, so it’s very important to always keep them with you in a very safe place. They won’t just prove who you are, but they will validate your visit tickets (and you can even get discounts if you’re a student).

A mini First Aid Kit
If you’re not used to the heights, is important you carry some pills to fight the legendary soroche, which means altitude sickness (however, coca leaves are also a good alternative to relieve anything). As well, you should carry some aspirins, antacids and other pills to avoid any trouble. We recommend you to buy all of this once you step into Cusco, because that way you can avoid any inconvenient with airports and other control systems.

Comfortable clothes
A trip to a place like Cusco is definitely the perfect opportunity to forget everything and relax. That’s why you should carry clothes that let you walk and move freely. Remember to pack light clothes and, at the same time, a pair of very warm and cozy items for the nights. The climate can reach temperatures below 0°!

Trekking shoes
Cusco is a place that deserves to be walked by foot. It’s the best way to get to know every detail, the people and everything it has to offer. Don’t miss anything and go on your adventure with great shoes that there’s a lot to see!

Bonus: Cash money
You can get to know Cusco in a very interesting way if you go by its little streets, markets and local shops. A part of them don’t accept credit cards, which is why you need to carry some cash with you in order to pay. Besides, is a great way to get things much cheaper!

And, of course, don’t forget your camera, your good vibes and your desire to reconnect with the nature in a beautiful place. Casa del Sol waits for you to start the adventure of your life!