Information on Currency, Currency Exchange, and Credit Cards in Peru

Information on Currency Exchange Credit card peru

If you're planning a trip to Peru, specifically to the historical gem that is Machu Picchu, it's essential to be informed about finances and how to manage your money in this beautiful country. Here we provide a complete guide to ensure your experience in Peru, and especially in the luxurious Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique Hotel, is perfect.

Local Currency: The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol (PEN). However, many places also accept American dollars, especially in tourist areas. Even so, it's recommended to always carry some soles for small purchases.

Currency Exchange: In the main cities of Peru, you'll find numerous exchange houses and banks where you can change your dollars, euros, or other currencies for Peruvian soles. It's suggested to exchange a small amount at the airport for immediate expenses and then look for exchange houses in the city, where rates tend to be more favorable.

Credit Cards: Most tourist establishments, including the Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique Hotel, accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. However, keep in mind that some small businesses or in less touristy areas may not accept cards. It's advisable to inform your bank about your trip to avoid security blocks.

ATMs and Withdrawals: In cities and major tourist destinations, there are a good number of ATMs where withdrawals can be made in soles or dollars. It's important to check the international transaction fees with your bank before traveling.

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In summary, traveling to Peru and Machu Picchu is an experience that will enrich you in many ways. With the right information about managing your money, you can fully enjoy everything this country has to offer, always ensuring the comfort and luxury that only the Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique Hotel can provide. Have a great trip!"